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Prior to the implementation of reforms, applicants seeking to register property in Lagos State were required to pay fees at different stages and carry out visits to the land registry before registration could be completed. The reform initiatives put in place have simplified this process by making payment available online, automating procedures and reducing charges.

Reforms that have been implemented to simplify the process of registering property

Demand notices from Lands Bureau now obtainable electronically
  • Demand notices for registration fees, consent fees, neighbourhood improvement charges are now sent to applicants via email.
  • Reduced process time from 3 days to half a day.
Certified True Copies (CTC) of title document and survey plan now obtained at the Land registry automated centre
  • Applicants can now submit and track applications for CTC at the Land registry automated centre.
  • CTC print out can be obtained within 2 hours
  • Reduced process time from between 3-5 days to 12 hours
Combined payment of all fees via an online portal
  • Payment of charting fee, endorsement fee, stamp duty, registration fee, consent fee, neighbourhood can now be paid on the MPAY platform of the Lands Bureau website
  • Reduced process timing from 1 day to half a day (12 hours)
Stamping of deed assignment as an internal procedure in the stamp duty office within the Lands Bureau
  • Stamping of the deed of assignment is now done with the “Registration of Certificate of Occupancy or Deed and Title conferred” procedure
  • Reduced process time to less than 24 hours
Single filing database for property by the Lands Bureau and cadastral mapping by the Office of the State Surveyor General (OSSG)
  • The Lands Bureau and OSSG office can now process and track files based on a single unique file identification number
Acceptance of the use of the National Identity Management system to verify the identity of citizens
  • National Identity cards can now be used as a means of identification via the National Identity database
Access to information on land disputes and properties with pending court cases
  • Information of land dispute-related statistics in Lagos and the list of properties with unresolved court cases are provided by the Lands Bureau and the Ministry of Justice via the Lagos Lis-Pendens Electronic System


Total time required to register property has reduced from 105 days to 76 days.
Total number of procedures required to register a property has reduced from 12 to 8
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